The LBK10 Linebacker is your frontline protection against power surges caused by storms, utility faults and other damaging events.

Prevent the loss of your equipment investment with the Linebacker® LBK10 Surge Protector. With state of the art TPMOV technology coupled with the ability to remove your equipment from damaging surges, the LBK10 provides the ultimate solution for your surge protection needs.

The LBK10 features an All Weatherproof Type 4X Enclosure, allowing it to be mounted outside of the condensing unit.  Plus, it’s the only Surge Protector on the market to feature voltage and ground monitors.

Power surges can be caused by a number of environmental conditions, including lightning which is the obvious source. No surge protector can provide protection from a direct lightning strike. However, the most common cause of damaging surges is actually the local utility company and these can be the most damaging due to their long duration. Cycling of Air Conditioners, Refrigeration Systems, Generators, Motors and Appliances can also produce damaging surges.

When properly installed, the LBK10 features internal protection that will disconnect the intended protected equipment from power when the surge protective circuitry is compromised. Use the “Operational Output” to enable activation of the contactor coil circuit and disable power to the equipment when the protector fails. Use the “Alarm Output” connection to activate an external alarm or indicator. External alarm or indicator components are not supplied with this product. The LBK10 also incorporates unique circuitry that detects and indicates when there is an over voltage or under voltage condition. Moreover, this device will detect and indicates when there is a loss of neutral or ground to the surge protector. A good ground is imperative for the proper function of the surge protector.

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UL Listed: UL 1449 4th Edition