At Linebacker®, we want to help you make installation as easy as possible.

Download the LBK10 Manual HERE (PDF format)

Choose below to Download LBK10 Installation Diagrams (PDF format)

Connecting to Power:
Figure 1A – 208/240 VAC Application
Figure 1B – 120 VAC Applicationboth found on page 7 of LBK10 Manual

Connecting to Outputs:
Figure 2A – Control & Alarm Outputs; Thermostat signal as Common
Figure 2B – Control & Alarm Outputs; Constant 24 V as Commonboth found on page 11 of LBK10 Manual

Enhanced protection for your equipment can be achieved by installing both the LBK10 Surge Protector and the LBK500 Motorizer:

LBK10 & LBK500 Connected in Series

The LBK10 is intended to be installed at the Condensing unit, on air handlers and furnaces.
It is NOT to be installed at the disconnect to the equipment.