Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about LBK10

Q: If the control wires (brown, blue and grey) are not connected during an installation, but the power wires (Black and White) are connected.  How will the LBK10 react?

A: It will run normally, but will not shut down the AC unit and, of course, there will be no alarm notification.


Q: What is the difference between TPMOV and MOV technology?

A: TPMOV = Thermally Protected Metal Oxide-Veristor. Older MOV versions used ther-mal fuses, which were slower to react.


Q: Can the LBK10 be used to protect a mini-split system?

A: Yes! The LBK10 can be added to mini-split and inverter systems. It will provide protection for power surges, and will also monitor for overvoltage, undervoltage
(brownout) and lost neutral or ground. It will also display the fault codes should they occur. The LBK10 will only be able to shut the system down if there is a 24 Volt control circuit to interrupt, like a condensate overflow shutoff circuit. ( See the video on the “Videos” page)